Elektrik London

The Swedish winter warmer Absolut (yes, the vodka) are hosting and presenting a spankin’ new night (PARTY), called Electrik London. Collaborating with Marshmallow Laser Feast and R&S Records, the major brand are hoping to cause a ruckus and explore the future of nightlife, with a really interesting concept that incorporates the immersive experience and explores […]

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“Forget Facebook or Weibo, young couples in China have a new way of announcing their relationship status – with matching outfits. As these young lovebirds would tell you, true love is not holding hands or making out in public – it’s wearing the same T-shirt as your partner. Coordinated clothing has become an unequivocal way […]

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The way to this woman’s heart is through her stomach, and no words ring truer for me as I find utter delight in eating incredible food. I’m not necessarily a fussy eater per se, I appreciate the 5-star dining experience just as much as the corner store mac and cheese. It’s on this note I’m […]

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H&M Summer parties!

Swedish super brand H&M are taking over the East as we start to bid farewell to London’s long sunny days and hold on to the memories of another summer that has gone too fast. Call me Aussie, but London shines it’s brightest when accompanied by soaring temps, with live music and plenty of immersive experiences […]

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